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Posted 05.04.2016

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At the Rose Society of Wales our number one goal is to spread and encourage the love of roses around the world - it's what we do best. We think the best way to do that is face to face. Giving great lectures, presentations and demonstrations ranging from a-z.

We're inviting you to come along and visit us completely free of charge. We understand that you may not be 100% sure whether RSW is for you, and that's why we want you to come along and see for yourself. You'll even get free tea & biscuits, and who can say no to free tea & biscuits?

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Posted 11.09.2015

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Tip of the Month (JULY)
Now that we have had our share of rain and the temperature has remained quiet high, the humidity has brought mildew to my roses. The foliage doesn't look good at the moment, but there are signs that it is retreating (fingers crossed). Roses should now be in the middle of their first flush so don't forget to dead head the flowers once they are spent. If you want big roses on your second flush, prune down three or four eyes and give them another feed such as blood fish and bone. If it's just more colour in the garden you want, just snap the heads off below the flowers, you will have the next lot of roses a lot quicker, but they will be smaller. Give a good feed of either blood fish and bone, or a good feed of tomato fertiliser. Mike Thompson